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Green Design Services

We are quickly becoming a commercial name under consultants as the "go-to" consultant for all solar related structural audits. We have conducted over 600 structural investigations of projects totalling up to 100 MW all around South Africa in the past nine years.  Our investigations are conducted by qualified structural engineers and all of our reports are verified by a professionally registered engineer with ECSA. Our reports are written in such a sense that anyone can understand complex engineering issues and concerns.


Our full green design service offering consists of an initial inspections and assessment of the roof, our engineers will propose remedial action (if required) and will administer the whole construction process from design to implementation.   

Green Design

Commercial Services

We can assist with the complete design and construction management of your project. Our scope is flexible enough to suit your project budget and can be limited to the design, analysis or audits on existing structures. 

Residential Services

Building a house shouldn't be a headache. Allow us to streamline the whole process without any risk to you. We will help you set up a project budget/scope design and give structural engineering inputs. We offer a turnkey solution from concept design to construction and finally when we hand you the keys to your new modern home.  


Mining Services

We will design and project manage all mining civil infrastructure related projects as well as processing plants and ancillary structures. We have design experience in screen structures, mill foundations and are continuously furthering our knowledge on dynamically loaded analysis and design. 

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